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Hi all

First, a massive apology is due.  It would appear that my Audio CDs Paypal page has not been recording sales of my CDs, as it was trying to send money to a long dead Paypal account.  I have since corrected all pages so this is all fixed now, but if you have previously attempted to purchase a CD and haven't received them, can you let me know via my email tonywATsteamsounds.org.au (replace AT with the @ symbol) and let me know the transaction ID from Paypal if you still have it and we will get it sorted.

I'm updating the rest of the site too, so there will be some major changes in coming weeks.  If there are any of the older recordings you want, please get them soon, as I will be taking down the older pages when the site is updated.


Welcome to Steamsounds AU, home of the largest collection of Australian steam and diesel recordings on the web, and featuring international visitors whenever the occasion presents itself!

On the steam and diesel sounds pages, you will find clips of my latest, and not so latest recordings, whereas the images page has a few photos that happen to get taken at the same time (or thereabouts) as the recordings.

As you may know, David Bailey, my good friend and mentor in the UK, plus fellow sound recordist Jrg Dreckmann in Germany, also have websites of railway sounds and we have made our sites with similar domain names. 

So, if you like Australian railway sounds, you are at the right place at steamsounds.org.au, however, if you like UK steam sounds, visit David's site at steamsounds.org.uk, and if German steam is your preference, head on over to Jrg's site at dampfsound.de

This site is dedicated to the people who restore, maintain and operate steam locomotives for our enjoyment, whether volunteers or paid staff.  Your persistence and dedication is a tribute to a time and a way of life which we still have much to learn from.

On Steamsounds AU, I hope to give you some appreciation of the sounds of our railways, and especially the steam locomotive.   It is something unique and I enjoy my sharing hobby with others.  As you can see, I do sell CDs, but that is only to help support the bandwidth costs of the websites (it certainly doesn't cover the costs of my recording trips, that has to come from my "slush fund"!)

And finally, if you have any comments, suggestions or other feedback, please use the contact page through the menu bar above, or simply click here
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